#ClassyBeautyFavorites – July

All the hits to glow endlessly this summer!

Without further ado, let’s discover my selection of beauty favorites!


This is my go to base whenever I don’t feel like putting too much makeup and still want that glowy, fresh “bonne mine effect” on! Which is pretty much every day! I’m the kind of person that is not a big fan of “The Power Of MakeUp”… Don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for the talented boys & girls that manage to make up so well they look like a totally different person! But first, I’m not a pro of contouring and second, I am lucky enough to not have to hide much on my face.

Knowing these few facts, you’ll understand why each month from now on, I’ll try to show you my favorite go to easy “Foundation” products. I spend 5/10 minutes top on my makeup and I don’t feel like I should spend more now… So much to do in 24 hours! Aha



I’ll probably never say it enough, and yet, this is the ultimate secret to a gorgeous skin. You can never have to many Hydrating Masks I’m telling you! Aha

The reason why this mask, in particular, is my favorite is because of the roses smell which turns me on every time I open the bottle. It’s also one of the most gentle masks I’ve ever tried so far and the effects last very long!

Try it & Adopt It! It’s my second bottle in 1 year. It’s seriously the best investment I did & you could do!


Holy Grail of all serum, here you are!

The Advanced Night Repair Serum has been my favorite for years since I’ve always watched my mom and aunts use it…

If there was only one product I was allowed to take on a desertic island that would be this serum, without any hesitation! It’s such a game changer, it perfect for every occasion, every season, night and day (no matter what the name says) and helps with any skin flaws!


When I bought this lipstick and finally received it, I was the happiest young woman in the world! (Yeah I don’t need much to be happy Aha)

The smell of it is just divine, the color is gorgeous on me (in my opinion) & it’s easy to wear with everything. The packaging is as luxurious as you could expect but maintains some unique humbleness… The Black and white little bag, and the simple black and gold colors.


Last but not least, your best ally to keep a gorgeous glow after your tanning sesh!

Lierac products are my all time favorites, I’ve been using this brand for years now! From Slim creams to Anti-Aging ones, and their Sun creams are some of the best on the market! As you all know, too much tanning increases the process of aging skin so in order to keep tanning and keep that skin young you have to use after sun creams! Here I have a perfect duo composed of a Rehydrating Repair Balm (Global Anti Aging) & the SOS Repairing Serum. They target the face and bust since it’s the region of our body we often protect the least and the ones that show the most the effects of age.


Hoping this was useful!




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